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about me

Gratitude - Service - Kindness

These core values of mine sit at the top of the page so they can continue to be a present and guiding force in my life, and in the life of my athletes. I aim to have a positive impact in the lives of every player I'm lucky enough to coach and mentor.

Since 2016 I have been coaching and mentoring athletes in the Northern Virginia area and beyond. I am deeply committed to the players that I work with and I am equally dedicated to continually advancing my craft as a coach and mentor. My coaching philosophy is focused on empowering athletes to develop their mind, body and craft. Through relationships I strive to guide players into becoming better people, athletes and lacrosse players.


I am thrilled to be offering various programs for athletes of all ages and skillsets, and I'm grateful that you're taking the time to check out my website. I look forward to connecting with you soon. ​


work with Coach Mabry

Momentum Mentorship

This program is meant for the athlete who is looking to develop on and off the field. Players will work closely with Coach Mabry to develop sustainable habits in their lives that will empower them accomplish their goals. 

Each person is unique, so each mentorship will be customized to best fit the individual and their needs. The focus of the mentorship, the timeline and cost of the program are all dependent on each client. 


Potential areas covered:

Mindset - Leadership & Character Development - Time Management - Nutrition - Recovery - Routines -

Goal Setting - Body Language - Communication Skills - Confidence -Relationship Building - Lacrosse Skill & IQ Assessment - Lacrosse Film Review - Movement Screening. 

Please contact Coach Mabry to set up a call to discuss this program.

Defensive Group Training

Coach Mabry offers the most comprehensive defensive training in the Northern Virginia area. Each session is built around developing technical skills and tactical awareness. The environment is always curated to be a high performance experience for all players that attend. 

Topics covered: 

Movement Prep - Change of Direction - Film Review - Groundballs & Escapes - Ball Handling & Stick Protection - Stick Checks - Holds - Contact - Off Ball Awareness & Decision Making - Angles - Approaches - Communication -  Mindset - Stick Skills - Defending Two Man Game - Man Down Defense - Double Team Technique - Sliding & Recovering - Clearing - Transition - Shooting - Anticipation - etc. 

To join one of our on going defensive sessions or to have coach Mabry work with your defense, please contact him to discuss training options. 

Offensive Group Training

Coach Mabry has established himself as one of the premier trainers for offensive players in Northern Virginia since 2016. The sessions are always tailored to the players in attendance and are designed to give them detailed instruction and feedback. Curating an environment that yields high performance is always a focus for these sessions. 

Topics Covered: 

Movement Prep - Change of Direction - Change of Speed - Stick Protection - Spacing - Vision - Stick Skills - Shooting - Deception in Shooting, Feeding & Dodging - Off Ball Movement - 2 Man Game - IQ Development - Film Review - Contact - How to Manipulate On Ball and Off Ball Defenders - etc.

To join an offensive group or to set one up, please contact Coach Mabry.

1 on 1 lacrosse training

Hundreds of players have utilized private 1 on 1 training with Coach Mabry to elevate their game over the years. This service provides the player with an extensive breakdown of their skills and understanding of the game. Each player requires a unique approach to development and their training is a reflection of their needs. 

In most cases players will have an evaluation session where they will be assessed in specific ways that relate to their age, skill level and position. Portions of the training sessions will be filmed for the player and Coach Mabry to review. Coach Mabry will also provide film analysis of game film if it is available. Players will be provided "homework" to complete on their own to aid in their development.

Contact Coach Mabry to discuss 1 on 1 training.

Goalie Training
Team training or team mentorship

It is imperative that goalies get position specific training to develop and reach their full potential. Coach Mabry focuses to fill the gaps on the key components of a goalies success that are often getting undertrained in a team practice setting. 

Topics Covered: 

Movement Prep - Hand-Eye Coordination - Hand Speed - Cutting Out False Movements - Explosiveness - Reaction Time - Confidence - Mindset - Clearing Skills and IQ - Commanding the Defense - Communication - Reading Shooters - Positioning - etc. 

Please contact Coach Mabry to have a goalie join one of our on going sessions. 

This service is meant for a team or group of teams that are looking to elevate their training and culture. The training will be custom to the needs of the players and coaches. Coach Mabry can provide either on field and off field guidance or both. 

Please contact Coach Mabry to discuss this option for your team or club.